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Dez Relates To Claiborne's Jump In Confidence This Year


IRVING, Texas – Dez Bryant sees in Morris Claiborne the same kind of boost in confidence he had himself after his rookie season.

Bryant, who recorded 18 more receptions, 367 more receiving yards and three more touchdowns his second year in the NFL from his rookie season, notices a similar jump for Claiborne in practice.

"His confidence level has grown a lot, kind of reminds me of myself," Bryant said of Claiborne. "My first year, I was shaky-shaky or whatever. That next year I got more confident and I was playing a lot better. Same with him. He's more physical. He's more explosive. He already had the ball skills. He's just adding things to his game that are making him better."

Bryant said he can tell Claiborne doesn't want to just get by. The second-year cornerback wants to become one of the best players at his position in the league, after registering one interception, one forced fumble, one defensive touchdown and two fumble recoveries his rookie season.

Going head-to-head with Bryant, who seems to make at least one or two highlight-reel catches every practice, should help Claiborne get where he wants to go.


"I love going one-on-one with him and Brandon Carr," Bryant said. "I feel like those two are some of the best in this league. I feel like we can make each other better, and I love the intensity level whenever (we're) going. It's an impact. We fight every day in practice."

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