Dez, Romo Among Several Players With Significant Injuries

IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys had the football, down by three, with a chance to go win the game and extend this season into the playoffs.

Obviously that was the main goal and one the Cowboys came up short to achieve.

But had the Cowboys pulled off the win over the Redskins to advance to this week's Wild Card round, you have to wonder just how this team would've been able to mange some of these injuries that piled up even more Sunday night.

For starters, Tony Romo reportedly suffered broken ribs early in the game, but head coach Jason Garrett said Monday Romo was doing better.

But the wide receiver position would've been in shambles, assuming Dez Bryant couldn't play. Bryant spent Monday morning in a Dallas hospital after the team returned home following the game. A serious back injury that prevented him from even standing up straight or walking on his own power forced him to stay in the hospital to get more tests and treatment.

"We got his clothes on after the game and carried him to the bus," Garrett said, describing the extent of Bryant's injury. "We put him up in first class on the plane just so he could have a little space and some comfort. He was over here today moving around a little better. We think this is ultimately going to get under control but it's a pretty significant injury. He couldn't come back and play and couldn't walk until this morning."

Bryant was seen walking around Valley Ranch on Monday with walking crutches. Garrett said he hasn't been told what the exact problem was with Bryant's back, other than he had spasms after the initial injury.

Miles Austin and Dwayne Harris both suffered high-ankle sprains as well. Harris was in a walking boot on Monday and said he expects to be back for the entire off-season program. Austin should be able to do the same, but was not available for comment.

Cole Beasley suffered an AC separation in his shoulder. At the end of the game, only Kevin Ogletree made it out without any injuries. Had the Cowboys played this week, practice guys Andre Holmes and Tim Benford would've likely signed, along with possibly Anthony Armstrong, who was recently cut.

On the defensive side, Anthony Spencer also suffered an ankle injury and tried to play through it at the end. DeMarcus Ware obviously has been in pain for most of the season, playing with elbow and shoulder injuries of late, but also nursing nagging hamstring and neck injuries all year. Ware said Sunday night he will have offseason surgery on his elbow and neck.

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