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Don't Forget About These 5: Philly's Challenge, Costly Personal Foul & More

PHILADELPHIA– This game saw the return of Tony Romo, several game-changing plays, especially from the Eagles in the second half.  

But like all games, there were a handful of plays that could go unnoticed, but yet changed the outcome of the game.

Let's take a closer look at five that affected this game. 

Reversing Butler's catch – With the Cowboys leading 10-3 in the second quarter, the offense was on the move again behind Mark Sanchez at quarterback. On a first-down pass, Sanchez seemingly connected with Brice Butler for 17 yards to the Eagles' 35. But a challenge by the Eagles led to a reversal and the ball was ruled incomplete. On the next play, Sanchez was picked off giving the Eagles a first down at the Dallas 35. While the Eagles didn't convert that into points, it likely prevented the Cowboys from padding the lead.

Wentz gets loose on third down – Carson Wentz was drafted more for his size and strong arm, but he has some good scrambling ability at times. And on third-and-11 at the Cowboys 19, Wentz turned a would-be sack by two different defenders into a 13-yard run to the Dallas 6. Two plays later he tied the score just before halftime a TD pass to Zach Ertz.

McFadden stopped short near goal line –On second down and three from the 5, the Cowboys tried to get the first down on the ground with McFadden. But he was stopped for no gain despite having an apparent hole to run through for the first down. It closed quick and set up third down, which Sanchez couldn't convert with a pass to Dunbar. The Cowboys wasted a chance to take a seven-point lead.

Penalty on Gregory extends drive –Leading 13-10 in the third quarter, the Cowboys were about to get the ball back with a chance to pad to the lead. Instead, a penalty on Randy Gregory for swiping the facemask of Carson Wentz was eventually called although the play was over. The officials threw a late flag for 15 yards, extending the drive, which ended with a go-ahead touchdown by Wentz to Ertz. Ironically enough, Sanchez had the same play on the previous drive that wasn't called when he threw an incomplete pass to Dunbar.

Eagles convert third-and-long –The Eagles were pinned back to their own 10 after another good punt from Chris Jones. But after already getting 15 yards on a pass to Ertz, the Eagles faced third-and-10 at their own 25 with eight minutes left. Wentz hit Paul Turner for 19 yards, extending a drive that ended with an Eagles field goal to push the lead to seven. A stop there and the Cowboys likely get the ball around their own 35 or better only down four.  

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