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Don't Forget About These 5 Plays: Lost Fumble & Offensive & Defensive Drops

ARLINGTON, Texas– With 65 points on the board for both teams, this game wasn't without some fireworks. Obviously there were too many with the Blue & Gold tint as the Rams were able to steal a 35-30 win here at AT&T Stadium.

Several plays throughout the game might have gone unnoticed but still had a big role in the final outcome. Here's a handful of hidden plays that changed the game.

Switzer's fumble changes momentum –It's hard to consider this one a "forgotten" play because it was a such a game-changer. But still, second-quarter situations can usually be overcome. But with the Cowboys leading 17-6 and about to get the ball back again for another chance to add to the lead, the Rams were given a gift on Ryan Switzer's fumbled punt. The rookie was surrounded by defenders but got too aggressive and tried to run with the ball, resulting in a fumble that the Rams recovered. Just moments later, Jared Goff threw his only touchdown pass of the game, trimming the Cowboys' lead to 17-13.

No turnover after forced fumble –On the first play of the second half, DeMarcus Lawrence continued his sack streak to four games, dropping Jared Goff along with a forced fumble. But while Tyrone Crawford had a shot to recover the ball, the Rams' right tackle Rob Havenstein pounced on it at the 10-yard line. The Rams didn't do much with the drive, but it certainly would've changed the momentum had the Cowboys started off the third quarter at the 10 with an eight-point lead.


Frederick flagged for holding – The Cowboys had seemingly tied the game at 32 but Travis Frederick, one of the most least-penalized players on the team, was called for a hold to pave the way for Dak's two-point conversion run. Frederick thought he had pancaked his defender to the ground but the refs saw it differently. After another penalty on the Rams, the Cowboys had a shot to get the two points but Terrance Williams dropped the ball in the back of the end zone, something that would turn out to be a trend later in the game.

Brown's chance for a pick – The Cowboys didn't tie the game, but the momentum was still on their side and possession of the ball nearly was as well. Goff floated a pass up on second down that went right into the hands of cornerback Anthony Brown, who didn't come up with the play. There won't be many passes for defensive backs easier to pick off than the high-arching deep ball that has been tracked like that one. Still, Brown didn't catch the ball and the Rams eventually drove down for a field goal to extend the lead to five.

Williams drops yet another pass – On the Cowboys' final drive of the game, needing a touchdown to win, it appeared they had not only a first down but a big play in the works. However, Williams focused more on the run-after-the-catch, than the catch itself. He let the ball hit off of his pads for a key drop. If Williams would've been able to break that initial tackle, the Cowboys likely could've had a big play near midfield. Instead, it took the offense more tries to get the ball out to the Rams' 39, but they couldn't get any closer. 

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