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Don't Forget About These Five: Turnovers Were Costly Again


IRVING, Texas – There were plenty of long touchdown passes and other highlights – mainly for the Redskins – that will be remembered from Thursday's game at Cowboys Stadium.

But like always, here're a handful of plays that might go under the radar, but played a factor in the Redskins' 38-31 win over the Cowboys.

(Plays listed in chronological order)

1. Dez fumble – The Redskins had a 7-3 lead, but the Cowboys were ready to answer. They moved the ballot the Dallas 46 and had a third-down conversion pass to Dez Bryant. But the receiver coughed up the ball for a turnover. It led to a Redskins touchdown just a few minutes later and suddenly it was 14-3 and was only going to get worse.

2. Romo's first pick– The Cowboys trailed 21-3 and desperately needed something before the half. Romo moved it to the Cowboys' 46 again, but trying to force the ball over the middle to Cole Beasley, he was intercepted by DeAngelo Hall, who returned it to the Cowboys' 33. That led to yet a fourth touchdown of the quarter.

3. 4-Yard Loss – The Cowboys trailed 28-3 to start the second half and seemingly were playing for pride only, but they got a first-and-goal at the Redskins' 6-yard line after an impressive run and catch by Felix Jones. On first down, though, Romo threw a swing pass to Lance Dunbar that netted a 4-yard loss. That led to an eventual field goal. The Cowboys needed a touchdown there and went backward.

4. Romo picked again– Once again, from the Cowboys' 46, Romo threw his second interception, as he went for Beasley but veteran linebacker London Fletcher stepped in front. It was yet another missed opportunity for an offense in desperate need of points.

5. Moss for breathing room – The Cowboys had all the momentum, having cut the lead down to 35-28. They just stopped Alfred Morris for a 1-yard loss and it was second-and-11. But Griffin fired a pass to Santana Moss for 23 yards to give the Redskins some positive field position. They would eventually drive into field goal range and settle for a 48-yard field goal by Kai Forbath with 3:03 to play.

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