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Draft Picks Likely To Be Signed By Mid-June

When the Cowboys wrap up their three-day mini-camp on June 14, it will likely be the end of any activity out here at Valley Ranch for about five weeks until training camp starts in the last week of July.

Because of that, it'll probably be the last time these rookie draft pick are around for a scheduled event.

So don't be surprised if that June 14 Thursday will be the day the Cowboys finalize several, if not all of the draft pick signings. Usually, this is done the week before camp and sometimes it has spilled over a few practices.

But with the new CBA rules and the salaries being all but plugged in already, it should be a rather simple process. The Cowboys are expected to begin negotiations with all seven draft picks on June 11 and should be able to complete them all before the end of the week.

Another reason to get these done earlier is to make sure the rookies are in attendance for the first week of camp on July 25, which is available for only rookies and the quarterbacks.

One of the reasons the Cowboys have waited this long is they needed to get more money on the salary cap. When they cut Terence Newman in March, they designated it a June 1 cut, meaning the $4 million they saved on the cap didn't hit the books until now. Signing Morris Claiborne isn't what it used to be for the No. 6 overall pick, but still more than the Cowboys had before the start of this month.

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