Eagles Not Fazed By Ryan's July Comments

It was a big deal at the time. Then again, it was July and any kind of trash talk about a game three months away is going to get some attention.

So when Rob Ryan told reporters that the Eagles were the "all-hype" team but the Cowboys would "kick their (butt)," it got national attention. In fact, it even offended Eagles quarterback Michael Vick at the time.

But on Wednesday, with the two teams focused more on this Sunday night's showdown, Vick didn't seem as bothered by Ryan's statement.

"We know it's a competitive game. Sometimes people say things that they regret days, weeks or months later. I think from a competitive standpoint, he was just talking. It was nothing that we really paid any attention to, because we know what really counts is when you step onto the football field and whoever wins or loses the game. That's what matters."

As for Eagles coach Andy Reid, he steered clear of that when asked by Dallas-Fort Worth reporters during Wednesday's conference call.

"I don't get into those . . . we just play. We practice and play," Reid said. "You have to play as a team. I'm talking about me, players, coaches. Everybody has to come together and play as a football team. That's what we are working on. That's it. It is as simple as that.

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