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Eagles Solid Pick For Opener & Finale As Staff Writers Predict Schedule Highlights

IRVING, Texas -  The NFL regular-season schedule will be officially released Tuesday evening, giving the fans the entire rundown of the 2015 season.

We know the opponents. We know the places and venues. We don't know the times and order just yet. But the staff writers at took a stab at predicting some of the highlight games of the upcoming season.

David Helman

Cowboys Opener:at Philadelphia
Cowboys on Thanksgiving:vs. New England
Cowboys Week 17:vs. New York Giants
Summary: Just a few weeks ago I said I didn't think the NFL would schedule the Cowboys-Patriots tilt for Thanksgiving Day. Having thought about it, though, it just seems like too much fun to pass up. The league appears to be going for the juiciest Thanksgiving Day matchups, considering it booked Cowboys-Eagles and Seahawks-49ers on Thanksgiving last year. I can't think of anything bigger than America's Team vs. the defending champs on Turkey Day – which will likely be Tom Brady's only visit to AT&T Stadium. Elsewhere, there are simply too many storylines surrounding the Eagles right now to not have that divisional rivalry kick off the season, particularly with DeMarco Murray lining up in Philly's backfield. I assume it will be a road opener, simply because the Cowboys have opened at home for two straight years. The Cowboys haven't played their finale against the Giants since 2011, and it was a road game. Welcoming Eli and Odell Beckham Jr. to AT&T Stadium for Week 17 sounds like a fun way to cap off the year.

Rob Phillips

Cowboys Opener:at Philadelphia
Cowboys on Thanksgiving:vs. New England
Cowboys Week 17:vs. Philadelphia
Summary: Maybe it's because Bob Costas coincidentally was in town last week for a speaking engagement  . . . or maybe it's because the Cowboys equal ratings gold for NBC. Just have a feeling the 'Boys will kick off Sunday Night Football, and seriously, what better opponent to start with (and end with) than DeMarco Murray and the mad scientist Chip Kelly's Eagles? They're the two most compelling teams in the division, maybe the entire league. The Cowboys have enjoyed a late bye the last two years, so maybe they don't get so lucky this year. They also haven't hosted a non-division preseason contender on Thanksgiving since the Saints in 2010. The Patriots qualify as such. And, we all know December will be a march through hell, so here goes: at New Orleans, vs. the Giants, at Green Bay, at Washington, vs. the Eagles. If I miss one, sue me.

Nick Eatman

Cowboys Opener:vs. Seattle
Cowboys on Thanksgiving:vs. Carolina
Cowboys Week 17:at NY Giants
Summary: While I can see an opener at Lambeau Field and a Week 1 matchup with the Eagles, I think the NFL saves them both for later on. Since the Cowboys have a stadium commitment in Week 2 each year, putting them on the road, I don't see the league making them start out with two straight road games. It's happened before but I predict the Seahawks come to town for a Week 1 matchup, followed by a Week 2 road game in either Miami or Tampa. If CBS gets another NFC-NFC matchup on Thanksgiving, I'll take the Panthers playing here. If not, the Jets. And I predict the Cowboys will have to go to the Giants to close out the year. I know I left out New England, both Philly games and trips to Green Bay and Buffalo. It's gonna be a fun season from start to finish.

Bryan Broaddus:

Cowboys Opener:at Green Bay
Cowboys on Thanksgiving:vs. NY Jets
Cowboys Week 17:vs. Philadelphia
Summary: That Packers game just has Football Night in America all over it. The Patriots could have been my Thanksgiving game but I believe that the league will save that for Week 15 much like they did with the Colts in 2014 so the Jets will get the nod. Depending how the season rolls, there is a good chance that there will be plenty on the line when the Eagles visit AT&T Stadium on that final weekend of the season and this is a trend that we have seen from the league in matching up division opponents which I really like.

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