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Eatman: 5 Reasons Cowboys Should Acquire Vince Young


Over the years, I've had to train myself to naturally dismiss about 80 percent of the crazy stuff that is either emailed or called in on the radio shows. Not saying there aren't some good ideas, but it seems like every time a high-profile player is available – for whatever the reason – he gets linked to the Cowboys as a possible fit.

However, in the case of Vince Young, I think the Cowboys should strongly consider signing him.

For the Cowboys, it makes sense.

For Vince Young … it'd probably be the worst team he could sign with. However, he should be in the league and it sounds like he needs a job, so he's not turning down anything. At this point, he couldn't be picky and he wouldn't be.

But let's go back to the Cowboys' part. They just tried to acquire Mike Kafka off waivers but he was awarded to Jacksonville. Obviously, they just showed they have a need for a third quarterback. Apparently Nick Stephens and Dalton Williams aren't cutting it.

*1.)  *With Tony Romo out and Kyle Orton looking just OK, it's starting to be apparent another quarterback is needed here. 

So is Vince the best one out there? As a pure passer, no way. Byron Leftwich throws it better. Matt Leinert does as well.

But the Cowboys need to make a decision right now – can they carry three quarterbacks on the roster this year? Do they want to?

If the answers are yes, then Vince Young makes the most sense.

2.) Think about it the schedule this year. Robert Griffin III twice. Michael Vick twice. Colin Kaepernick in the NFC Championship Game … just kidding, but you get the point. At least one quarter of the games next year will be against mobile quarterbacks who like to run.

What better person to run the scout team than Vince Young, a player I consider to be one of the greatest of all time in college football. I know this is a different game, but what made him great in college is what you're asking out of him in the pros.

*3.)  *I'm not saying he would beat out Kyle Orton. I am saying there are some plays around the goal line that Vince might be able to help. Or if you have to run a 2-point conversion, I like having him on the field.

How bad have the Cowboys been in the red zone lately? The problem has been running the ball. I'm not saying take Romo out all the time, but just the threat of having Vince out there is something else teams have to worry about.

If you think the Cowboys haven't been studying up on Chip Kelly's stuff, you're crazy. If you think the 4-3 switch didn't have something to do with the mobile quarterbacks they're facing, then you're not paying attention. This stuff matters. So maybe Vince wouldn't do it all the time, but teams would have to address it.

*4.)  *Don't forget, the Cowboys play five preseason games this season. Healthy or not, Romo isn't playing a ton of snaps when they don't count. And frankly, neither is Kyle Orton. The Cowboys need a quarterback that can play long stretches during the preseason. Hmm, how about a guy who needs to shake off some rust?


*5.)  *It's a free look, literally. You don't have to pay Vince Young like he's the No. 3 pick in the draft from 2006. You pay him like he's a guy on the street who needs another shot and should be willing to work for it.

He had a nice Pro Day in Austin and from the looks of things, is making a valiant effort to turn his life around. I'd go with the Bill Parcells theory on this one, and it's a theory he said has been passed down by many coaches before him: At some point, someone thought this guy could play. Why not take a shot yourself, especially if he comes relatively cheap?

Now go ahead, come up with five reasons why it doesn't work. Or maybe you only need one.

Maybe you don't think Vince can play anymore or ever at all. Maybe he'd be a big-time distraction, as the second-most talked about backup quarterback in the league.

You could be right about all of that. But in my opinion, since we're talking about a No. 3 quarterback and it wouldn't cost much money, I think I'd take my chances on this one.

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