Eatman: And We're Sure Newman Is Out?

Earlier in the week, head coach Jason Garrett was asked if Terence Newman had to practice at all this week before being cleared to play Sunday night against the Jets. Garrett said not only did Newman have to be out there at some point, but must show the staff and team that he is indeed ready for the rigors that come with playing his position after missing more than a month with this groin injury.

Two days later, owner/GM Jerry Jones basically ruled Newman out by saying he didn't expect him to play since he hasn't been practicing. Jones also said Newman is the player that "has to have it just right" and the Cowboys were going to allow him the time to be just right.

On Thursday, Newman was again not practicing, although he was off to a side field working with new strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik.

So with Garrett's comments, Jones' comments and now three missed practices this week leading up to the opener, there can't be any way he plays right?

Well, I'm certainly not a doctor or an athletic trainer, or anyone other than someone who has just watched a lot of football. But just watching Newman in his rehab, working on the strength cords, and running and cutting and doing all the things that a cornerback has to do to cover these big, fast receivers, he doesn't look like someone who should be ruled out on a Wednesday.

Obviously the Cowboys will be overly cautious with him, especially considering he had the very same injury in 2008. He was hurt in the preseason with a groin injury and missed the opener. Came back and played three games before that injury turned into an abdominal strain and he was out for a month. Cleary, the Cowboys want to avoid putting him or any player in a situation that will lead to further injury.

All I know is that on Thursday, Newman at least looks like a player who might have a chance. Yeah, a Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber chance to play Sunday night. My gut tells me that Newman at least makes the trip to New York this weekend and maybe they let him get on the field Sunday and see how it feels. Let's not forget, it is Thursday now, still about 80 hours to kickoff.

Again, I'm not saying Newman will play. I just don't know if it's time to officially rule him out just yet.

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