Eatman: Can't Ignore Poe's 2-for-1 Factor

When the writers of come up with our first installment of 2-Cent Draft on Thursday, taking a stab at all eight of the Cowboys draft picks, I can't say for sure who my first choice might be.

There are a handful of options, but Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe most certainly will be in the mix.

He has to be. At No. 14, there's no guarantee he'll even be on the board.

Judging by the fans who called in today's Lunch Break, most of them seem to favor Alabama's Mark Barron over Poe. The risk/reward for a guy who didn't overly dominate at Memphis just screams "bust" to some of you. And I totally understand that logic.

However, here's another factor that I can't stop thinking about.

If you drafted Poe at No. 14, obviously you think you've got yourself a player. And where will he play? Nose tackle that is.

Well, if he's at nose tackle, you obviously think he'd be better inside than Jay Ratliff. Wait, a better player than four-time Pro Bowler Jay Ratliff? No, I didn't say that. I said he'd potentially be a better nose tackle, meaning he'd hold his own a little better and eat up more space with his 346-pound frame.

In a short time, you should have an upgrade at nose tackle. And before you get all excited about the pressure that Ratliff provides, don't forget Ratliff had just two sacks, six tackles for loss and 18 quarterback pressures. That might not be as many as Poe would garner, but I'd like to think he could get at least six tackles for loss, if not more.  

Ratliff, obviously slides to defensive end and will replace either Marcus Spears, Kenyon Coleman or even Jason Hatcher if he's pegged to start. Regardless which guy loses his spot, Ratliff would be a better end than either of those three.

So what other player could you draft that immediately upgrades not one, but two positions?

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