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Eatman: Club's Stance With Spencer Is Smart

By now, I think we all understand that Jerry Jones will forever take the blame for all negative moves that are made. And if something actually goes right, clearly he wasn't the one making that decision.

That's the perception that's out there and it seems like another example of it has come to the forefront regarding Anthony Spencer, who wisely signed his franchise tag tender on Monday – three days before the NFL Draft.

That's important because the Cowboys had the right to pull back the one-year, $8.8 million tender, which usually doesn't happen. But if Spencer waited a few more days without signing, and let's say the Cowboys drafted a pass-rusher like Courtney Upshaw or Melvin Ingram, it's possibly they could remove the tag all together.

What's funny to me is that facebook and twitter has blown up over today's news, which isn't anything "new" at all. And once again, Jerry is taking a hit for overpaying on Spencer, when it reality it's one of the smarter moves he's done in a while.

What you're not seeing is a six-year, $42 million contact, something Spencer is undoubtedly looking and hoping for.

What the Cowboys are saying is that they want Spencer for at least one more year, even at $8.8 million. After that, we'll see what happens.

I know Jerry takes a beating for the GM decisions he's making, but this shouldn't be one of them.

As much as you think $8.8 million is . . . that's the market for a pass rusher like him. If the Cowboys didn't franchise him, then you wouldn't be seeing the Cowboys draft guys like Barron, DeCastro or Fletcher Cox.

They'd be forced to take Courtney Upshaw or Melvin Ingram, even though it's apparent they don't view them as the best-available options.

Certainly, there are some head-scratching decisions that have gone on around here and that will likely continue. But this one to cover themselves and keep Spencer in the fold is actually a more prudent move than the Cowboys are getting credit for.     

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