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Eatman: Could There Be Push For Fleener?

We're not breaking news here by saying the Cowboys need some defensive help. Sure, they've taken 12 defensive players in their last 16 first-round picks, but none since 2008.

It's time. Unless they have no other choice but to take David DeCastro at No. 14, I think this team wiggles back a few picks and finds another defensive player to take, and grabs more picks in the process.

In doing that, it could give them just enough more ammo to trade back into the first round and get one of DeCastro's offensive teammates.

N o, not that guy. He's going No. 1.

We're talking about Stanford tight end Coby Fleener, who on tape, has some striking resemblances to Jason Witten. Ok, maybe it's the fact they wear No. 82, but Fleener is 6-6, 245 and plays in a pro-style offense wear blocking is essential for his position. It's not his best quality, but he can do it.

He's never had more than 34 catches in a season, but he did average 19.6 yards per catch last year and scored 10 touchdowns.

To get him, the Cowboys would have to move up from No. 45 in the second round and probably have to throw in either a third-round pick or a fourth- and fifth.  It's probably too rich unless of course, the Cowboys move back from No. 14 to start with.

Also, they might want to make sure and get ahead of the Giants at No. 32. The Super Bowl champs lost two tight ends to injury but did pick up Martellus Bennett.

New England at No. 27 and No. 31 is always looking to move around.

The question is . . . is Fleener worth a first-round pick, even though Jason Witten is still going strong? That's something this team has to be very honest about.

Because Anthony Fasano had no chance  to contribute and neither did Bennett. Sure, you can look at the Patriots' two-tight end offense all day long but are the Cowboys going to fully commit to those guys in the passing game and make Fleener worth the pick.

They seem to like him, but it's a rather big commitment if they decide to pull the trigger and get him.

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