Eatman: Don't Expect Romo To Be Alternate

Not only did quarterback Tony Romo miss out on being selected to the NFC Pro Bowl roster this year, but it's unlikely he will even make it as an alternate. That's assuming he's even one of the alternates at all.

The Cowboys are one of a few teams that never release their Pro Bowl alternates, mainly for future contract and incentive reasons. So it's unclear if Romo was one of the alternates this year, but the Panthers announced Cam Newton as being the first alternate for the NFC. Detroit also announced Matthew Stafford was an alternate as well.

The only other quarterbacks in the NFC with a shot to make it would be Atlanta's Matt Ryan or San Francisco's Alex Smith, who was not named an alternate.

So it's possible Romo is the third alternate to play, but it's unlikely it will get that far. Whoever makes it to the Super Bowl will obviously not play in the Pro Bowl there is one spot that will likely open, assuming of course that Ryan or Smith lead their team in, or maybe even Romo.

The three that made it were Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Eli Manning, whom many of the Cowboys fans were surprised made it over Romo. Remember this, the players and coaches voted on the Pro Bowl on Monday, Dec. 12, the day following the Giants' comeback win over the Cowboys. Maybe things would've been different had Romo and the Cowboys pulled that one out.

The disappointing part for Romo, who has made it to the Pro Bowl three other times, is that 2011 is arguably his best season of his career. His 102.2 quarterback rating is the highest for any season and his 29-9 TD/Int. comparison is also his best of his career.

Then again, don't rule out Romo for the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year. Missing 10 games and coming back for a career season would put him in the running. However, something tells me that winning Sunday night's game with the Giants will play a factor in that one, too. 

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