Eatman: Don't Read Into Heavy Choice Interest

While the NFL trade deadline came and went on Tuesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hinted earlier in the day of some interest around the league regarding tailback Tashard Choice.

Jones also said the recent high-ankle sprain injury to Felix Jones thwarted any kind of possible plan to move Choice to another team.

That tells me one thing: it wasn't much of an offer, if one at all. Remember, picking up the phone and inquiring about a player is deemed as interest. But that doesn't mean you like what you hear on the other end and hang up quickly.

Not saying that happened with Choice, but let's be honest, he's been dangled out there on the trading block before. It's not a coincidence that no one has ever jumped.

My point is that while Choice's services will be needed now a little more with Jones out a week or two, the Cowboys would've considered trading him if the offer was right. This guy is a free agent after this year and the drafting of DeMarco Murray suggests that Choice will never be more than a No. 2 back, if even that.

So while Jones admitted some teams showed interest in Choice, don't assume the reason he wasn't traded was solely because of this Felix Jones injury. It had more to do with the offer, or lack thereof.

If there was a decent-round draft pick to be had, the Cowboys would've gladly rolled with Murray and Phillip Tanner for a game if they had to.

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