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Eatman: Don't Think Debacle In Seattle Has Zero Effect In Dallas

By now, unless you're under a rock, you know what happened in Seattle Monday night. I personally, don't care about the Packers one way or another, but I care about any team that gets jobbed like they did.

I have to walk through the coaching offices every day and so I see how hard these guys work on a daily and nightly basis. To get to that point in the game and have it taken away (even though Tate never took it away) … it's horrible. And yes, something needs to be done by the NFL, fast.

But if you watched it and had the notion, "ehh, sucks to be the Packers."

Well, let's not forget how this could come back to bite the Cowboys. I'm not going to deliver one of my most hated phrases in sports of "If the playoffs started today …" but Seattle and Dallas are both tied at 2-1. And based on the types of teams they are, I could very well see both of these squads finishing in the 9-7 or 10-6 range.

So let's say the Seahawks and Cowboys are sitting there tied for a Wild Card spot. You guessed it. Seattle gets the tiebreaker advantage because of their 27-7 win over Dallas. Had this game been scored correctly, obviously Seattle doesn't get the win.

Yes, I know there is a ton of football left to be played. Without a doubt. Who knows if the Seahawks are even going to be a playoff team? Who knows if the Cowboys are? Who knows if Seattle might just be this year's San Francisco and dominates the division?

Who knows how many games these refs are going to cost other teams?
Lots of questions. But one thing is for sure. There is only one team with an advantage over the Cowboys right now and it's Seattle. And the Seahawks just got a little more help Monday night.

Will it prove to be costly in the long run? Doubtful, but you never know.  

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