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Eatman: Hard To Top This Austin Action Shot

As soon as Miles Austin snatched the ball out of midair, then got his balance and dove for the end zone for a dramatic third touchdown Sunday in San Francisco, I immediately turned to the guys in the press box and said "That might be our No. 1 highlight of the season, right here in Week Two."

It won't be the only honor or award stemming from that play.

I'm biased in thinking that the Cowboys' team photographer James D. Smith is one of the best around, but his photo of Austin's touchdown might just be the best action shot I've seen in a long time.

If there was any doubt that Austin might have been down before the ball crossed the goal line – and there was considering the NFL replay officials had to review the play for a few minutes – all they needed was this pic.

The only thing touching the ground was his toe and you can clearly see Austin getting the ball over the goal line. This shot also shows the determination from Austin's eyes, which is what he used on that play just to make that leaping grab and score.

The shot was used on page 2-3 of this week's Cowboys Star magazine and in our game-day photo gallery as well. There's no doubt this shot will be hanging on a hallway either at Valley Ranch or Cowboys Stadium, if not both.

In my opinion, James "Bonecrusher" Smith is the best in the business. But it's more of a fact, that he crushed another one with this shot.

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