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Eatman: Hesitant To Call These 2 Teams Similar After Last Year

IRVING, Texas -All I've heard this week is how much these two teams are alike. Yeah, they're both 3-5 with quarterbacks who turn the ball over and head coaches with seats that are supposedly getting warm.

They have a lot of penalties and the offensive line is a mess.

Ok, so that means this will be a 7-7 tie?

Well personally, I kind of want to see it to believe it when it comes to being equal. I know last year is last year but the Cowboys weren't competitive at all with the Eagles in two meetings. Say what you want about the final game being meaningless, but it was for both teams. And the Eagles still handled the Stephen McGee-led Cowboys to a 20-7 defeat.

But it's the first game that I remember the most. That was the game LeSean McCoy looked like Barry Sanders and juked and jived his way around the feel with the spin moves that only seem to work on the X-box.

The Eagles absolutely dominated the Cowboys that night, leading 24-0 at the half and eventually won 34-7.

So before you say how bad the Eagles are this year, let's not forget they were actually worse when they hosted the Cowboys last year. Philly was 2-4 heading into the game but looked anything like a team that had won a third of its games.

And it wasn't like the 34-7 win was a springboard for the Eagles, who then lost two straight home games to the Bears and Cardinals to drop to 3-6. It got to 4-8 before the Eagles rallied to win four straight and finish .500 and actually clipped the Cowboys for second place in the division because of the regular-season sweep.

My point is while the Eagles aren't very good this year – they weren't any good last year. And still dominated this Cowboys squad up in Philly and then did it again back here.

So while the two teams might be similar on paper, I want to see how close they really are when they get on the field. They weren't close at all last year.

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