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Eatman: Let's Not Push Jenkins Out Just Yet

Obviously there is excitement out there when a guy like Morris Claiborne enters the picture. Pair him with the signing of Brandon Carr, and all of a sudden the Cowboys have two young, physical cornerbacks in the fold.

Actually, that should be three. It is three.

Don't forget Mike Jenkins just because he's not one of these new guys, or because he has one year remaining on his contract.

Ok, so maybe Jenkins won't be around in 2013. But if he is, he'll be needed.

I find it funny that as soon as Claiborne gets drafted, immediately everyone wants to trade Jenkins. Is it because this team has too many cornerbacks – which is impossible. Or could it be because people want a second-round pick back?

Either way, I say hold the phone when it comes to parting ways with Jenkins.

Now, if you can get good value for him, then go ahead. And that should be the case with any player. But I wouldn't be trying to trade Jenkins simply because Carr, Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick are all under contract.

Why? It's pretty simple actually. The New York Jets game in last year's opener – that's why.

If you recall that game at all, you'll remember Terence Newman being out with a groin injury. Orlando Scandrick turned his ankle early in the game and never returned. And Jenkins, who had missed most of the preseason with a stinger injury, fought admirably through shoulder pain all game, seemingly going off the field about every other series, sometimes to the locker room.

The result? At one point, Alan Ball and Bryan McCann were the two starting cornerbacks with safety Barry Church having to fill in on the nickel. The next week, Frank Walker was signed off the street.

Walker and McCann won't be around in 2012 and it's unlikely Ball will return as well.

The point . . . you need cornerbacks. They get hurt. They're not big guys and if they play physical at all, they're going to get banged up. Happens every year.

Oh there's another reason, too. Umm, Jenkins is pretty good. He played at a Pro Bowl level in 2009 when he made it as an alternate. While he struggled somewhat in 2010, he came back strong last year.

This is a good football player, who proved last year he is a tough guy who doesn't have to be 100 percent to be effective. We know that hasn't always been the case around here.

I'm not saying you have to keep this guy at all costs. He is a free agent after the season and any chance to get something in return, should be considered.

But I wouldn't go around shopping this guy for anything – just because it appears this team now has a little depth at cornerback.   

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