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Eatman: Miles, Dez Only Real WR Locks

Obviously the Cowboys have some question marks at wide receiver, especially near the bottom of the depth chart.

The question is – just where does the uncertainly begin?

Clearly, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin – in that order – will be the go-to receivers in this offense. If they stay healthy, the Cowboys should be in good shape.

But after that, it's up in the air, or at least it should be. I know that Kevin Ogletree is getting locked in as the No. 3 receiver but I'm just not sure why.

I guess you need some experience there and being in his third season, he'd have that over the other guys. But to say Ogletree is an experienced player is rather premature, considering he barely has double-digit receptions for his career.

Yes, Ogletree is the most experienced of the group of Jesse Holley, Manny Johnson, Dwayne Harris, Raymond Radway and others.

To me, he still doesn't stand out though and really never has. I don't see Ogletree has overly fast, he's not big, he's not really dynamic. He hasn't been a great playmaker either.

Now I'm not ready to say Dwayne Harris, after one preseason game, is a better player, but I think he does have more highlights after basically two quarters of play.

In the end, Ogletree probably will make this team, but I think he needs a few more plays before his spot can be locked up.

The one thing helping Ogletree is the other young vets such as Holley and Johnson aren't doing much either.

Personally, I think Ogletree's real competition is just another veteran receiver on the waiver wire or still out there in free agency.    

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