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Eatman: NFLPA Claim Won't Affect Cowboys

Over the next few weeks and months, and maybe longer than that, we will see many headlines regarding the NFLPA's recent collusion claim towards the NFL.

Obviously, this claim is in reference to the league's denial for the grievance made by both the Cowboys and Redskins regarding the salary cap penalties that were levied back in March.

Both teams have lost the case, and according to sources within the Cowboy' organization, the Cowboys will not appeal the grievance. The $10 million penalty, which has been split to $5 million off this year's cap and $5 million for next year, is likely a lost cause.

Why the NFLPA has jumped into the matter is because it sees a problem in the reasoning the NFL gave for dismissing the grievance. By hinting that the Cowboys and Redskins actually broke some unwritten rules in how they managed the cap, that is a definition of collusion and that's where NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith sees a major issue.

"When we feel those rules are violated, we will, on behalf of our players, always act in their best interest," Smith said to reporters this week. "The 32 teams are defendants of the action right now. If there is evidence that is developed later on that would demonstrate that any one of those teams did not abide by the conspiracy, then my guess is those teams will make the appropriate assertions, and we'll see where we end up."

So on the surface, it sounds like the NFLPA is stepping on behalf of the Cowboys and Redskins, actually it's all for the players. Remember, Dallas and Washington is actually the defendants in the case.

Now, if the NFLPA wins, it would suggest the Cowboys were right in filing the grievance. But because there is a much bigger picture and much more to lose if the Cowboys decided to fight the NFL and take it to federal court, it's likely they won't do anything more about this case in an attempt to regain the $10 million.

So regardless of the outcome here over the next few months, don't expect any changes to the Cowboys' salary cap situation.   

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