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Eatman: No Need To Get Veteran WR Now

This is a different stance than I had this time a year ago, and without a doubt, you can thank Laurent Robinson for it.

But last offseason, when it was just Dez Bryant and Miles Austin as the starters and Kevin Ogletree was the third-best receiver on the roster, I wasn't too comfortable with that scenario. I wasn't convinced Ogletree was the best option. And frankly, nothing has really changed on that front.

The only thing that I would say about the receiver position is that it seems unnecessary to go get that veteran receiver right now in the middle of May. I know fans want to shore up as many positions as possible. And considering Austin missed six games to two different hamstring injuries last year and Bryant has been somewhat injury-prone although last year he made huge strides in that area, it's a common opinion to go find that third receiver – someone with starting ability.

But honestly, it doesn't make sense right now. Just signing a Plaxico Burress or a Braylon Edwards or anyone else who you might have had on your fantasy team at some point in your life, just isn't necessary. The Cowboys don't need that guy – in May.

They might need him in early September and if so, then sign him. They needed Robinson last year and it paid off. A veteran guy won't take too long to learn the system, especially if he's playing a third receiver role. It was only a matter of weeks before Robinson supplanted Ogletree for the third spot.

But waiting a few months gives the coaching staff plenty of time to evaluate the player they *WANT * to succeed. Clearly, this team would love to have someone like Andre Holmes or Dwayne Harris, or even Raymond Radway emerge as a keeper. Obviously, Danny Coale will get every chance to make the team this year and even if has a slow start, his draft status should give him plenty of time.

And while that quartet of receivers needs a full summer to see who separates from the pack, let's not forget about Ogletree. I know I've said numerous times that I think we've seen what we're going to see from him, I will admit Jason Garrett knows a thing or two million more about football than I do. He sees something there and he's holding out hope he turns the corner this year.

Either way, this is the time – with OTAs approaching and a June minicamp coming up – to see who makes a push.

If no one is pushing, then you go to a veteran. Someone will be waiting by the phone, just like Robinson was, and they might be even more prone to answer considering the success Robinson showed last year and what it meant for him in free agency.  

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