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Eatman: No Rush For Safeties Telling Sign

With every defensive end that has been signed with the Cowboys in the last few days – and it's three if you're scoring at home – it seems like there is a growing frustration among Cowboys fans about the safety position.

I'm getting a few emails and comments wondering what the holdup is on this position. Sure, training camp has already begun and the current first-team safeties are Akwasi Owusu-Ansah and Barry Church.

Seems like the Cowboys would do a rush order on getting some safeties. And to be honest, I'm a little surprised that at least one safety hasn't been signed by now, if not two.

To me, it signals two things:

1 – The safeties that are out there are all about the same.
2 – They all want more money than the Cowboys, and most other teams are willing to fork over.

It's a market right now and apparently the asking price is too high. Eventually, the safeties will need a team (and a paycheck) more than the teams need them.

I know everyone is up in arms about not having a solid safety or two on the field right now but for some reason the Cowboys just aren't worried about right now.
They've got their eyes on a handful of safeties and I'm sure if they start signing with other teams, then it might force the Cowboys' hand a little.

Of the guys available, the Cowboys seem to have similar evaluations on guys like Abram Elam and Gerald Sensabaugh and Dashon Goldson, formerly of the 49ers. Those three appear to be the best available for the Cowboys and if they can land two of those guys, they'd be stoked – as long as it's for the right price. Remember, Elam and Goldson both have the same agent in Drew Rosenhaus.

Other guys in the mix are maybe Jordan Babineaux, Brodney Pool and Reed Doughty. 

The Cowboys will definitely get a safety or two. But it's pretty clear that they're going to let the market come to them, instead of the other way around.  

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