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Eatman: Not Exactly Order We Thought Free Agents Would Go


So here we are, more than three weeks into free agency and I think it's safe to say there aren't many surprises regarding the Cowboys.

We thought things would be slow – they were. We thought they would sign a couple of players at best, and so far, that's what they have done. And we thought the Tony Romo deal would occur at some point, and after a few weeks, the Cowboys have done that.

So in terms of free agents coming in, there haven't been any real surprises.

But as for the guys going out … it hasn't gone like I thought.

On March 11, the day before the start of free agency, I wouldn't have ever guess John Phillips would be the first one out the door. Phillips went to the Chargers, Dan Connor to the Giants. And then Kevin Ogletree to the Bucs. Marcus Spears has signed with the Ravens after he was released and recently this week, Kenyon Coleman rejoined Rob Ryan in New Orleans and signed with the Saints.

Phillips, Connor, Ogletree, Spears and Coleman all gone.

Mike Jenkins and Felix Jones still out there. Gerald Sensabaugh is still on the market, too.

I mean, it's only been five years since both were drafted by the Cowboys in the first round – Jones going 22nd and Jenkins 25th – but for now, they're still available.

Jenkins has reportedly had some interest from a few teams, including Oakland, where he visited this week but reportedly left his visit without a deal.  

Not saying those three players would make a splash for any team, but it goes to show how the market has changed somewhat. Some of those players who signed with other teams are considered career backups.

Maybe you can make the case the same should be said for Jones, Jenkins and Sensabaugh. I can somewhat agree except for Jenkins. We've seen him play at a high level and if he's healthy and focused on his task, I still think he's a formidable player.

As for Jones, I think he should focus on being a third-down back, shed some pounds and don't worry about being a starter – something he hasn't been since high school. Try to return to the form of a quick, scat-back-type and be a change-of-pace back and kick returner. [embedded_ad]

There have been rumblings the Cowboys might consider bringing Jones back in the fold and owner Jerry Jones said two weeks ago he wouldn't dismiss anything. He's always going to say that.

But it sounds like the Cowboys aren't interested in bringing Felix back at this point.

As for Sensabaugh, I would've thought there might be a chance for a return. But the signing of Will Allen likely suggests he will play the role of a veteran insurance plan in case the young guys such as Barry Church, Matt Johnson and player-to-be-drafted later, struggle in training camp.

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