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Eatman: Pacing Out Rest Of Season Looks Record-Breaking

Well, I looked up these numbers at the quarter poll of the season to pace out the rest of the year. Those numbers were pretty interesting, but it's even more intriguing now at the halfway point.

For those stat geeks out there that simply like to follow numbers and stats – more than simply the wins and losses – this blog is for you.

However, since we are eight games into the 16-game season, you can pace out everything.

Let's start with the record. Obviously if the Cowboys stay on course, we're looking at a 6-10 season and probably a Top 10 draft pick. So obviously, you don't want every aspect of this to stand pat.

  • But looking individually, Tony Romo is one pace for a franchise-record 4,788 passing yards. It would mark Romo's fourth 4,000-yard season and would become the Cowboys … fourth 4,000-yard season in franchise history.
  • Romo is also on pace for 26 interceptions thrown, which would easily be a career high. The previous most in his career is 19. Of course after four games, Romo was on pace for 32 picks, so maybe he's going to keep lowering that figure.
  • Jason Witten is on track for 116 receptions, which would be the most by any tight end in NFL history, shattering the current mark held by Tony Gonzalez (102).
  • The Cowboys' single-season record is 111 set by Michael Irvin, who has already seen his career receptions record of 750 broken by Witten this past week.
  • Miles Austin is on pace for 1,274 receiving yards and Dez Bryant is on track for 1,006 and Witten is pacing at 1,076. That would mark the first time in Cowboys history to see a trio of receivers with 1,000 yards or more. Those same three each had 100 yards receiving against the Giants two weeks ago, the first time for the Cowboys since 1963.
  • And DeMarcus Ware is on pace for 18 sacks. If he can increase that just a tad and get to 20, he'd  be the only player in NFL history to record two 20-sack seasons in a career.

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