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Eatman: Ranking WR Position Gets Tough Towards Bottom


Through emails and tweets, I've been asked a few times about the order of the wide receiver position on the depth chart. This time of year, everyone wants to know just where they guys rank and what their chances are of making the team or the practice squad.

Not that my opinion will determine that, but from this standpoint, I can at least offer up my personal ranking of the wide receivers after just a few practices into training camp.

Again, it's early, with just two full-padded practices under our belt. But here's my list of the receivers, based on where I would slot them on the depth chart.

1.      Dez Bryant
2.      Miles Austin
3.      Terrance Williams
4.      Dwayne Harris
5.      Cole Beasley
6.      Anthony Armstrong
7.      Eric Rogers
8.      Danny Coale (injured)
9.      Tim Benford
10.    Anthony Amos
11.    Jared Green

Obviously Dez has been the man here at camp so far so no reason to discuss that one. Miles is the second guy as we all know. I think Terrance Williams has established himself as the clear-cut No. 3. Harris will have a nice role in this offense but Williams is more of a complete receiver. I'm hesitant to put Beasley ahead of Harris in that he might even have more of a role as the inside slot guy. Still, the first five are pretty much set.

At No. 6, Armstrong is really the only guy who can take the top of the defense. His speed is unmatched in this group and he's done a nice job so far in practice. Rogers keeps getting better and catches everything.

I put Coale at No. 8 because of his draft status and how the Cowboys will give him chances to compete when he gets back on the field. He obviously hasn't done anything but in terms of the depth chart, I see him working with the second and third groups. [embedded_ad]

Benford is a forgotten receiver but his toughness is evident. He competes every snap and he's starting to make some plays. Amos and Green have a long way to go but occasionally they make some plays.

I might revisit this list in a week or two, depending on the amount of change. Again, it's just my early opinion but I think it's worth nothing how they're stacking up in the first week of camp.

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