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Eatman: RB Position Suddenly Thinning Out

About a week ago, it seemed like a crowded backfield at running back. Just like that, it's a position that is lacking in numbers.

That's what happens when a team cuts a veteran tailback, has a younger veteran go down with a  calf injury and then sees a rookie player suffered a hamstring injury that will sideline him for a couple of days.

So expect a heavy dose of Felix Jones as the Cowboys get into the first weekend of training camp. And that's somewhat the plan heading into the season, but obviously the Cowboys don't want to overload Jones' touches here in the first week of camp.

But with Marion Barber released, Tashard Choice suffered a calf injury that kept him out of action on Friday and rookie DeMarco Murray not able to do anything because of a hamstring tweak, it's down to Jones, Lonyae  Miller and rookie free agent Phillip Tanner. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys add another tailback to the mix as soon as Friday afternoon.

While Murray and Choice should be back in the fold before too long, there is the question on the division of carries and reps this year. Murray is considered to be a quality back in the passing game, which could vault him past Choice at some point.
Then again, he has to be healthy and go through his first  NFL practice before any of that can happen.

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