Eatman: Save All "It's Just The Rams" Talk

I'm sure it's happening all over the country today. It's happened already on our radio show a little.

But while Cowboys fans are probably a little relieved to not only see their team win for the first time in 27 days, but finally put a game out of reach and not have to nail-bite to the end, they're probably hearing coworkers and friends sing the same tune:

"It's just the Rams." Yeah, that'd be the 0-6 Rams who entered the game with the NFL's worst-ranked rushing defense and that will only get worse now after a 294-yard outing, the fourth-best in Cowboys' history.

And yes, I understand the Cowboys whipped up on a team that should get to play the winner of the upcoming LSU-Alabama game, but they all count, right?

I'm not saying the Cowboys are bound for the playoffs because they smashed the Rams, but they shouldn't feel bad about getting a lopsided win for a change.

Think about these two points.

1) The Rams were pretty bad back in 2008, too and yet they dominated the Cowboys in a game that many fans will tell you is one of the worst in franchise history. The Cowboys had a few of those that season. Just because a team is so-called "bad" doesn't guarantee anything. After last year, the Cowboys will take any kind of win.

2) After the Cowboys lost a close one last week to New England, did anyone say, "yeah, but it's the Patriots?" No one seemed to care that you almost won against a good team. I'm sure the critics just said "hey, you lost."

Well, if that's the case, don't ask the Cowboys or their fans to apologize for getting a win like this. They've played some good teams on their schedule so far, so now it's evening out a little.

That's the way football go.

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