Eatman: Sensabaugh Move More About Cents Than Sense


Bill Parcells was here just four seasons, but he seemed to leave a ton of memorable quotes, phrases and sayings.

One that sticks out more than most is when he would say: "This isn't Texaco. You can't just go to the store and pick up a quarterback or a wide receiver."

His point was that it's not always perfect and ideal. And sometimes, you have to play with what you've got.

And that's what I think of right now about the safety position. I must say the move to cut Gerald Sensabaugh was rather surprising.

It's not that he's a great safety. He's not. But he's a pretty good safety. And considering that the move saves the team $1.4 million on the cap, and what the team now has at the position, this decision is certainly a head-scratcher.

Believe me when I reiterate that Sensabaugh wasn't much of a difference maker. He's not the Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu type, but then again, who is at safety? Those playmakers at safety just don't come along too often.

But he was solid. He was usually in the right position and got others lined up where they needed to be.

The biggest reason why this move is so curious to me is safety has now become a created need.

Now you're going into free agency and the draft *needing *a safety. And that's always a scary thing. Anytime you physically need to get something this time of year, you can find yourself overpaying.

But as it stands, the Cowboys have one safety coming off a torn Achilles in Barry Church. Another safety in Matt Johnson who only had three hamstring injuries in a five-month span and has never played a down in the NFL. The Cowboys could get Danny McCray back but he proved last year his role should be predominantly on special teams.

This team really has no experience at safety, and no one that has proven to stay healthy. [embedded_ad]

Then again, maybe the safety position will be much different in this 4-3 scheme. Last week in Indianapolis, owner/GM Jerry Jones said Monte Kiffin's defense "makes the safeties better." And this move to cut Sensabaugh could be a byproduct of that. Maybe Kiffin and his staff weren't big fans of Sensabaugh and figured they could get the same production, if not more, with a cheaper player.

I'm all about letting these guys do their thing and coach up the guys they want.

But from this viewpoint here in early March, I think I would've figured out a way to keep Sensabaugh in the fold for a little longer. That doesn't stop you from drafting a safety or signing one in free agency.

But ever since Darren Woodson hung up the cleats almost 10 years ago, this team has been searching high and low for a safety.

Certainly Sensabaugh hasn't been the answer and isn't the guy to stop the Cowboys from looking. However, for the price to keep him, what this does to the depth chart now and the constant unknown to find a better replacement, this one seems a little premature to me.

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