Eatman: Third WR Or Nothing For Ogletree?

In watching the OTA practices the last two weeks, something seems pretty clear about the wide receivers: You've got the starters and then it's everyone else.

The two safest jobs on the team right now appear to be Miles Austin and Dez Bryant because no one looks close to their level for now. And that's really no surprise at all.

After that, it's turning into quite the logjam. Guys like Andre Holmes, Raymond Radway and Dwayne Harris are all right there in the mix. Danny Coale hasn't gotten the chance to compete yet because of his broken left foot. And now, undrafted rookies like Cole Beasley and Tim Benford appear to be making a push.

Oh, and then there's Kevin Ogletree. Obviously he should be mentioned before everyone else right now. He's the third receiver as it stands on this final day in May. But honestly, that seems to be the only spot for him right now.

That's not the case for anyone else. If Holmes doesn't win the third job, he could be the fourth or fifth receiver - same for Radway and Harris, especially if they can provide something on special teams. Radway and Harris could be your primary kickoff and punt returners, respectively. Although it does appear Bryant will get some looks at punt return, too.

But for Olgetree, you'd have to think it would be third-receiver or bust. Entering his fourth season, some would, and have argued Ogletree has already had plenty of chances. And maybe he has, but he's clearly getting another one.

So far, he looks pretty good out there, but then again, he knows the offense much better than anyone else. You can say that Radway, Harris and Holmes were all here last year, but these are their first OTA sessions, too.

Once everyone catches up to Olgetree, will they fly on by?

Who knows the answer to that, but it doesn't likely that one of these guys will firmly beat him out, and he still makes the team.

I say that because Olgetree never has been a reliable special teams player. If that changes dramatically this year, then all of this could change.

But from the way it appears right now, Ogletree is likely the leading candidate to be the No. 3 receiver. If he remains the third-best receiver and produces enough where the Cowboys don't feel the urge to look outside the organization, then it's likely his job.

But if he's not one of the best right now, then he likely becomes a "progress-stopper" and he's probably not even in the mix.

For every receiver not named Dez or Miles, there could be three or even four legitimate spots to take. For Ogletree, it looks like there might only be one.   

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