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Eatman: Time Is Running Out, But Both Sides Should Feel Pressure

IRVING, Texas – Whether you're talking about a contract negotiation involving one of the best players in the NFL, or just your run-of-the-mill disagreement in the scope of life, the rule is typically the same:

If both sides want the same thing, it usually finds a way of getting resolved.

And in this case, it's been evident for the last few months that both the Cowboys and Dez Bryant want a long-term deal done before the start of the season.

Now, how they want to get there is obviously a bit different, or it would've been done by now.

But then again, think back to your college or high school days. The teacher or professor gives you three weeks to finish your report. Did you start doing it that night of the assignment? Or did you wait until midnight the day before and start cranking away?

It's usually the latter, and I don't think it's much different here.

Just because this thing is now less than 48 hours before the deadline doesn't mean it can't get done, or won't be done.

Personally, I still think something happens on this thing before Wednesday for two simple reasons:

The Cowboys want it to get resolved.

And Dez Bryant wants a new contract so he can focus on his true passion – playing football.

Now, I'm not sure Dez really needs to be throwing around these threats of missing camp and maybe even regular-season games. It seems rather hollow because nothing can be accomplished at that point. Even the Cowboys know he's not going to sit out like that. Holdouts occur to get teams to give in. In this case, the Cowboys wouldn't be able to do a thing, even if Dez missed camp or a regular-season game.

But this is the time to put the pressure on and that's why he's doing it.

The Cowboys know that. Still, they should be trying to get the deal done before the deadline for their own reasons.

If you've heard me say this point on our radio show or on the Roundtable, I apologize in advance. But, I just don't see why the Cowboys would waste a full season of guaranteed money, which is the No. 1 factor in getting this deal finalized.[embeddedad0]

Yeah, the length of the contract and average per season is big. But it's about guaranteed money and Dez likely wants more than $30 million, if not around $40 million.

It'd be one thing if the Cowboys didn't want Dez to be here long term. A few years ago, Anthony Spencer got the franchise tag and it made sense to pay him that price, but giving him a long-term contract wasn't the best option.

That's not really the case with Dez. The Cowboys have said they want him here long term.

So with that being said, does it make sense to pay him $12.8 million this year … and then give him a big deal? He's still going to want the $40 million, but you just paid him $12.8 fully guaranteed in 2015.

Why not get the deal done right now and guarantee all of this year? The Cowboys are 48 hours away from having that happen anyway.

So get a deal done and guarantee all of that, if not most of it right now. If the Cowboys gave him, let's say $39 million in guaranteed money over the next six years, They'd be a third of the way there right now by getting this deal done and having $13 million of it already off the books.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I just don't see why the Cowboys would want to pay Dez the $12.8 and then go ahead and get a new deal where they're going to have to shell out even more guaranteed cash.

The Cowboys need the deal done.

Dez needs and wants the deal done.

Call me crazy, but on this Monday afternoon, I still feel like the two sides will come together.

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