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Eatman: Timing For New Romo Contract Could Be One-Sided

So it's starting to sound like the Cowboys could be in the market to renew some contracts.

Sean Lissemore? Check.

And so now it's on to the franchise quarterback Tony Romo?

Well according to published reports, sources within Valley Ranch are saying the Cowboys have reached out to Romo and his agent with preliminary talks about a possible new contract here in the near future.

It's certainly on the radar. Just last week in New York, I was involved in a conversation with people close to the situation and there are definite figures and numbers being tossed around, with certain players around the league that will be compared to when exactly it's time to give Romo a new deal.

And that's something right there that needs to be pointed out: Romo will indeed get a new deal from the Cowboys. Despite the fact he's 32 and there will be a wonder as to how much time he has left …. Yes, Romo will remain the quarterback of this team for many years to come.

So now the question comes down, to when the Cowboys will sign him, and more importantly, for how much?

Romo is technically under contract through 2016, but the final three years will be voided, meaning he would become a free agent after the 2013 season. That's the year Lissemore's contract was up and the Cowboys gave him three more years.

Ok, so that's really the only thing these two situations have in common.

Lissemore's guaranteed money was about $3 million. Romo will likely be making in the range of anywhere from $15-20 million annually. In fact, the lower end probably starts around $16 million considering Houston's Matt Schaub's new deal is around $15 million per season.

If Drew Brees' new deal gave him $60 million guaranteed, Romo probably will be seeking somewhere in the high 40's to even $50 million guaranteed.

But Romo's camp will probably want to wait this one out a little bit. Contracts to players such as Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco will likely occur either this season or in the offseason. It sounds like Romo wouldn't mind waiting around and seeing exactly where the market is.

At 32, this probably will be Romo's last big opportunity to cash in. And yes, let's not forget how much this guy loves playing the game. And no, he's not worried about it right now.

When asked about it recently, Romo said he's not thinking about it and that "these things usually work themselves out."

So he's focused on the Seahawks. Don't worry about that part.

But he's no fool. And he's not surrounded by fools either.

They know this is a big opportunity for him, and more than just getting the most cash in your pocket, it's also about being fair to what the rest of the league is getting.

So one report might say the talks are heating up. Another could say the two sides are way off.

I think the Cowboys might have some interest in getting the ball rolling here. It sounds like Romo wouldn't mind waiting this thing out a little bit.

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