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Eatman: Using Same Logic This Year; One Game Standing Out


Let me start off by saying how weird it is to me to overanalyze the NFL schedule every year at this time. It always comes out in April and every media outlet uses that to predict the record.

I just think it's funny. The teams and opponents haven't changed. All we really know now is the order. But I just hesitate with a bunch of predictions right now – mainly because this team has players to draft, more free agents to sign and maybe a few players to cut.

We're still early in the process.

But if I had to pick one game that I can tell will be very important to this 2013 season, I'm going to steal my approach and reasoning from last year.

Once again, I'll pick Week 2. Last year it was the Seattle road game following the Giants opener.

This year, it's Week 2 on the road in Kansas City following the Giants opener.

I really think how the Cowboys do against the Chiefs will tell us a lot about how 2013 will end up.  That was my thought about Seattle and I somewhat think it was true. However, I don't think any of us thought the Seahawks would turn out to be as good as they were.

And who knows, the same could hold true with the Chiefs. We know Andy Reid can coach. And don't forget they had six Pro Bowlers. They've got to have some talent over there.

I just think if the Cowboys beat the Giants at home this year in Week 1, it won't matter much if they go to Kansas City and lay an egg. This team has been camped out on mediocrity for two years and if they beat the Giants and then lose to Kansas City and go back to 1-1, who is to say they won't be headed back towards 8-8ville again. Better yet, who in the locker room won't be thinking that very same thing? [embedded_ad]

Now if you lose to the Giants, it makes the KC game even more critical. Now you simply have to go into Kansas City – which isn't an easy place to play – and it's an early-season must-win. Lose that game and let's see how antsy the Cowboys' owner/general manger gets with an 0-2 start.

So I know it's early, but if I had to circle one game on the schedule that is the most intriguing, right now it'd be Kansas City.

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