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Eatman: Witten Just Quietly Moving Into NFL Record Books

 IRVING, Texas - Well this is obviously a team game, and right here, right now, this Cowboys team is obviously playing its best ball of the season, and maybe in the last few years as well.

Winners of five of six, and three in a row, it's an amazing run especially considering all the circumstances around this team.

They're obviously winning as a team, so it might not be the perfect time to discuss individual accomplishments… unless of course, we're talking about something special.

In my opinion, one of the upcoming milestones that isn't getting enough attention is what Jason Witten has done this year, and what he's about to do, either this week or next.

Can you have 97 catches and have a quiet season? Apparently Witten is trying to do just that. Not a lot of attention his way, but did you realize the NFL record for most catches by tight end in one season is 102.

That mark, set by Tony Gonzalez back in 2004, is about to get shattered by Witten, who is nearly averaging seven catches a game.

And let's not forget how injured he was when the season started. In fact, there were points in training camp when we weren't sure if Witten would even play at all, because of the lacerated spleen injury he suffered in the first preseason game.

But in true Witten form, he returned in time to play the first game and hasn't missed one all year. Now he certainly wasn't himself early on, catching just eight passes in three games with about a handful of dropped passes.

There were some whispers that maybe, just maybe we're seeing the beginning of the end with this guy. Could it be? Could Jason Witten really be winding down …. Nah, in reality he's about to set the NFL single-season record for catches in a year.

Not trying to jinx anything, but the way the Cowboys have thrown the ball here lately, and in this game with the Saints where passing yards will be dished out like holiday candy, Witten could have the necessary five catches by halftime.

If and when this goes down, it'll likely get some attention, but will be overshadowed of course, based on what is happening in the game and the subsequent playoff picture.

Of course, that's how Witten would want it.

But for Witten to battle through some hard times this year and be on the verge of the best season any tight end has ever had …. That's an amazing accomplishment.

Regardless of many people are talking about it or not.

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