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Eatman: Worry More About Pass Rush Than Low Turnover Count

IRVING, Texas -It's been well documented here of late how the Cowboys are struggling to force turnovers.

One interception in five games is not getting it done. We all know that and so do the Cowboys, who continue to work on interception drills in practice. The defensive backs catch passes from the Jugs machine on a daily basis.

But the issue to me isn't about making the catch, but more about the pass rush.

Fix that, and the turnovers will come.

Sure, DeMarcus Ware is consistent with a sack a game, if not more. But after that, the Cowboys struggle to get to the quarterback. Forget just getting him down, how about making him hurry a little.

That's where the forced throws will turn into interceptions and that will turn into great field position if not more points.

One of the problems I've noticed for a while with the Cowboys is they tend to come up empty when they blitz. We've seen five, six sometimes seven players attack the quarterback but too often they're not getting to the quarterback. We know that leaves single coverage and open receivers running free.

It happened twice on the Ravens' final touchdown drive midway through the fourth quarter.

Obviously, the Cowboys miss Anthony Spencer right now. No, he's not always sacking the quarterback but he gets pressures. If he plays this week, it'll be a huge boost but the team needs to prepare once again to be without him.

The problem with Spencer's injury is the Cowboys need two guys to replace him. Alex Albright is better against the run and Victor Butler is better against the pass.

That's the value of a good player when you need guys to replace him when he's gone.

Still, someone needs to get more pressure because it's affecting other areas, including the turnovers.

If they say "turnovers usually come in bunches," then it's time to start bunching it up a little bit. But you can't do it without pressure on the quarterback.

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