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Emmitt Says 'Boys Playoff Bound If Turnovers Cease, Backs Deliver

IRVING, Texas – Three-time Super Bowl champion Emmitt Smith should be able to tell what a title team looks like.

Smith, while speaking Tuesday at the launch of the Youth Education Town in Arlington, said he thinks the Cowboys have a "real good chance" of making the playoffs.

"I like this team," Smith said. "I really do. I like the fire that I saw in New York. I'm not pleased in terms of how things worked out on Sunday, but I like the team."

More specifically, Smith liked what he saw out of the cornerbacks, including free agent pickup Brandon Carr and first-round selection Morris Claiborne.

He said he thinks the Dallas defense is capable of shutting teams down, and he didn't realize the Cowboys had so many talented cornerbacks. But before he began crowning this group of players, Smith said the squad still has work to accomplish.

"We've just got to eliminate the turnovers," Smith said. "Turnovers and mistakes will get you beat, no matter how good or how much talent you actually have."

Despite his adoration for the Dallas defensive backs, the Cowboys haven't intercepted a pass this season and have thrown two picks. They've also fumbled four times, losing the ball once on the opening kick return against the Seahawks.

The Cowboys got down quickly to Seattle and abandoned the run. After rushing 20 times against the Giants, DeMarco Murray ran 12 times for 44 yards against the Seahawks, including just four second-half carries as Seattle forced the Cowboys to throw, which quarterback Tony Romo did 40 times.

Smith said another key to a playoff run will be getting Murray and Felix Jones more active in head coach Jason Garrett's offense moving forward. 

"If we get DeMarco Murray and Felix rolling on the ground and give Jason the ability to have the balance in the air as well as on the ground, where Tony's not throwing the ball 40-something times, or we're playing from behind, we should be OK," he said.

While Smith won't be able to help the Cowboys' rushing attack like he used to, he said he'll be watching as much as he can.

"I'm going to sit here and cheer these guys on," Smith said. "I think we have a real good chance of making the playoffs this year. I really do."

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