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Even With Injuries, Spencer Still Believes In 'Boys Defense

IRVING, Texas -Anthony Spencer has watched as fellow linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter went to injured reserve.

He doesn't think the losses of the team's top two tacklers should prevent the defense stopping opponents going forward this season. He said the defense could still get the job done.

"I definitely believe so," Spencer said. "Everybody we have in this locker room has been here or been the next guy up. They may be doing more than they had been doing previously, but that's what they've been practicing for and getting ready for this entire season."

Spencer's recorded 69 tackles, 6.5 sacks and 18 quarterback pressures this season after the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on him.

He's now communicating the signals to the defense. Spencer said the defensive scheme remained the same without Carter and Lee, but minor adjustments have been made to accommodate to some of the newer players on defense.

"That's been our defense since the beginning of the season," Spencer said. "We're just trying to make it as simple as possible in terms of communication and getting everybody on the same page. That's something that we've been trying to get done since the beginning of the year, but having those guys injured, I think it might change it a little bit, trying to make it a little simpler…. But it's always been stop the run, make them get in a position where they have to pass or where they're uncomfortable."

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