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Excited For Pollard, Witten Still Hopeful on Zeke


FRISCO, Texas – When it comes to the running back situation, veteran Jason Witten seems to be in a similar place to just about every other Cowboys fan out there.

Encouraged by what he's seeing from Tony Pollard? Definitely.

Getting anxious about Ezekiel Elliott still holding out and the season is nearly two weeks away?

"You hope it's sooner rather than later, that goes without question," Witten said. "Any player as you get prepared for the season, it's really hard. Zeke is extremely talented – he's the best back in football. He's smart, he's got great instincts. But there's no training like practice. The closer it gets, yeah there's more issue that you hope he gets back."

While Elliott has missed the entire training camp to this point, Witten said he remains confident that not only Zeke will return, but ready for action.

"You also trust that he's going to do everything he can to get himself ready. He doesn't play a lot of games in the preseason. A lot of his work comes in practice."

In the meantime, the Cowboys are using Pollard with the first-team offense. He's looked sharp in both preseason games and is expected to get another heavy dose of the carries this Saturday against Houston.

Witten said he's been impressed with the maturity level of Pollard and his ability to learn on the fly.

"He's been as good as I've seen in my career of a young player coming in and putting more responsibility and trying things with him. He's confident abut not cocky. They're putting a lot on his plate and he seems to respond."

Witten said his versatility as both a runner and receiver will help this offense – with or without Zeke.

"He's very gifted as a player, he's got a really good feel. He can hit the hole and has a great burst," Witten said of Pollard. "He's a great receiver. I look at a rookie as – when you put a lot on his plate, can he process it and can he handle it. If he makes a mistake, does he not make it again and understand why the coaches are asking him to do something."

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