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Flattered, But Romo Disagrees With Aikman

The Cowboys' current quarterback spoke to the media for the first time this offseason, so obviously many different topics were discussed.

Some of the centered on this week's NFL Draft, and others focused on the upcoming 2012 seasons.

But another topic that surfaced this offseason was approached yet again. Romo was asked his thoughts on Troy Aikman's comments last month, in which the three-time Super Bowl champions said he believed Romo is an overall better quarterback than he was in his 12-year career.   

"I know how quarterbacks are judged," Aikman said. "But as far as his playmaking ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to."

Humbled by the compliment, Romo sheepishly disagreed.

"I think first whenever Troy Aikman says anything in a positive way about you as a quarterback it makes you feel good," Romo said. "For me it just means that Troy thinks that you're doing something right and I think that's exciting from a quarterback's perspective, coming from a guy who's one of the greatest players ever to play in the game.

"But I don't think I belong in that discussion. So Troy I think was being nice but definitely I'm not going to wash it away and say it doesn't matter because it makes me feel good so I'm going to take that. But I do think that there's no discussion. I think Troy Aikman is on his own mountain top by himself."

Also, Romo acknowledged that quarterbacks are judged by Super Bowl titles, fair or not. And there are only so many Dan Marino-types out there- who are labeled great without a title.

And Aikman understands that as well, but yet, it's probably another reason he made the statement in the first place.

"I believe that he will win a Super Bowl before he is done playing,'' Aikman said.

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