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Free Agent Abe Elam Gets Pitch From Ryan?

SAN ANTONIO --Rob Ryan's phone calls are getting more attention these days than his defensive scheme.

The big mystery at Friday's practice was, "Who's Ryan talking to on the phone during practice? Nnamdi Asomugha?" Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. Those sweepstakes are over. The Cowboys now must turn their attention to safety. They won't get a player as good as Asomugha, but there's no question it's a bigger position need.

Now reports say free agent Abram Elam (@abeelam) tweeted this Saturday night: "Just hung up with Rob Ryan he spoke about how good (Terence Newman) and the defense is and can be." (I say "reports" because it appears the tweet has been deleted).

It's no real secret Elam has been a player of interest for the Cowboys. He signed with Dallas as a rookie free agent in 2006 and started for Ryan in Cleveland the past two seasons. He can play either safety spot, and the Cowboys have an opening at both.

No safety movement yet. But expect the Cowboys to address it soon, possibly with Elam.

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