Garrett Addresses Timeout For 2nd Week

IRVING, Texas – Criticized a week earlier for not preserving time on the offense's final drive of regulation against Arizona, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said he would like to have called timeout sooner last Sunday after Giants tight end Jake Ballard made an 18-yard catch to the Dallas 1-yard line with 1:14 left.

Garrett hustled down the sideline to signal timeout with exactly a minute left.

"Yeah, when you look at that situation, we probably could've taken that a little quicker," Garrett said. "We were trying to get that thing called. There were a couple of times in the game where I had to run down the sideline to get it called. I could've been a little quicker on the draw on that. But I thought we did a good job handling that situation after that. We did bang the timeouts."

The Cowboys used their final two timeouts from the 1-yard line, where the Giants scored and converted a two-point try to take the lead for good.

A few more seconds might have gotten the offense closer, but quarterback Tony Romo still got Dan Bailey in position for a 47-yard field goal that was blocked.

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