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Garrett Always Looking At Roster Options

IRVING, Texas --Bill Parcells made a habit of "churning the bottom of the roster" during his four-year tenure as head coach. Really, so did Jimmy Johnson.

The idea was 1) always look to upgrade; and 2) don't let players get too comfortable. Even if the Cowboys didn't sign new players each week, the Tuesday "off day" during the regular season often was reserved for workouts.

Wade Phillips did that less during his time in Dallas. When Jason Garrett took over as head coach, though, a little more roster movement ensued. Dave Rayner's signing on Tuesday was a perfect example.

The Cowboys already had four kickers in camp, but they jumped at the chance to sign another veteran -- even if he doesn't wind up making the team in four days. With an 80-player limit still allowed this week, why not?

"I think you're always looking at your roster," Garrett said. "You're always evaluating it and you're always trying to get better.

"Our personnel people do a great job knowing the drafted players coming out and then knowing where guys are on rosters throughout the league. We track those guys and if some players come available that we think can help our team, we're certainly willing to make those moves."

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