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Garrett Downplays Involvement Of Romo Being Much Different


GRAPEVINE, Texas – Head coach Jason Garrett is one of the few people not overplaying this season being much different for quarterback Tony Romo.

A lot's been made this offseason about an increase in Romo's involvement in game planning, but Garrett didn't make Romo's contributions sound much different from the past or from other veteran quarterbacks around the league.

"It's really been similar to every quarterback situation that I've been involved in with every team that I've been involved in," Garrett said. "In every place in this organization and in others, you're trying to get that kind of rapport between your starting quarterback and the coaching staff, and we've had it, and we'll continue to have that."

Garrett said he wants his quarterback to be engaged and involved, but that Romo's always been that.

The head coach knows what kind of time veteran quarterbacks must put in to succeed in the NFL, having played the position and coached the position for years. While veteran players are more experienced, understand the offense and opposing defenses better and can potentially contribute more, Garrett doesn't make it sound like this season will be vastly different than it has been for Romo.

"He's been our starting quarterback for six years now, so his voice matters to us," Garrett said. "But, it's mattered for a long time."

The head coach said the lines of communication have always been open "in a really positive way," and that will continue in the offseason and during the season. He also said the coaches are trying to foster the communication to put the best game plan together possible.

"You always want more," Garrett said. "You always want to do that part of it better. When you're communicating well with each other, I think that's a big piece of that puzzle." [embedded_ad]

But whether or not it'll be much different going forward?

"We're always trying to promote that," he said. "So we'll continue to do that."

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