Garrett Explains Why He Won't Lose His Cool On The Sideline

IRVING, Texas – Jason Garrett isn't the type of head coach who will toss his headset and scream at his players on the sideline.

Even when things go awry, as they did against the Bears, Garrett typically keeps his calm demeanor. He said yelling might work for some coaches, but he's learned as a player and as a coach that he can't hide behind a façade.

"You see guys who are really quiet, guys who are cerebral, you see guys who are ranting and raving all the time and throwing stuff at officials," Garrett said. "There's a whole gamut of guys and people have won a lot of different ways. The one thing I would say is that I can't imagine any of those guys won trying to be somebody else and someone that they're not."

Garrett said the passion and intensity he has for football, coaching and teaching is evident to anyone who knows him personally. He just doesn't present that by jumping around on the sideline.

"If you're around these walls, in these meetings, around these practice fields and together, and in an intimate setting on this football team, I think they understand my intensity," Garrett said.

If there was a game for Garrett to lose his cool, it would have been against the Bears, when the Cowboys threw five interceptions in a rout. But Garrett knows the season wasn't won or lost in that Week 4 contest, and he could lose the respect of those around him by not being true to himself and the way he teaches.

"I think different coaches have different personalities," Garrett said. "You have to be who you are."

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