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Garrett Eyes Camp-Like Approach

Officially, the Cowboys have ended training camp. But while it might not be called camp anymore as the team has moved from San Antonio to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, it certainly has the look and feel of a camp.

Either way, there is work to do and that's the goal of this team as they head back to their home stadium for two weeks.

"We're not done by any means," linebacker Bradie James. "We're getting closer to laying the foundation as far as our team. Guys are coming together and (Sunday's) practice was a spirited practice. We're getting after each other. And that's what you need to be successful."

The Cowboys are back in shoulder pads again and will likely stay that way through Friday when the club is expected to practice against the Chargers, just two days before the Aug. 21 game at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys are also scheduled to practice against San Diego Thursday at Valley Ranch.

"It's been physical," head coach Jason Garrett said. "We've said all along that's what we want. You have to tackle in this game and you have to be physical with each other. We've tried to do that but also be very smart about it."

A four-week long camp is nothing out of the ordinary for this team. Apparently, a split camp between two different sites is getting to be the norm as well. Last year, the Cowboys had five weeks of camp with two in San Antonio, a week in Dallas before two more out in Oxnard, Calif., which could be a destination for next year's camp.

But for now, the Cowboys are back home, although they are staying in a team hotel in Arlington, just two blocks away from the stadium.

Still, the mindset of being near home is actually preferable for defensive end Marcus Spears.

"I know I'm one of the guys who actually likes to be closer to home," Spears said. "I know some people think you have more distractions. But I think it's the opposite. I know I like the comfort of being close to my family and if something happens, we're able to drive there. I think you've got more distractions when you're on the road and worrying about your family. To me, I like this setup."

Wherever camp is and however it's called, the focus has to be the same.

"The important thing for us to understand is that training camp is over," Garrett said. "We're home. But we need to keep a training camp mentality. This is a very important week for us."

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