Garrett Focused As Division Struggles

Parcells had a saying for everything. One of his favorites would be delivered when he would get asked about another team or another player on an opposing team. Parcells would say "I'm just trying to keep my own house from burning down."

While Jason Garrett doesn't use the same analogies, his message is similar.

When asked about watching the Eagles and Giants both lose this week, Garrett didn't admit taking any satisfaction in that his team didn't lose ground despite the week off.

"I think the biggest thing we try to do every day, but particularly this early in the season is worry about ourselves and what we're doing," Garrett said. "I think sometimes people get caught up in 'Ok, they won, they lost, that's good for us, that's bad for us.' Really, what we have to worry about is the Dallas Cowboys and being our best every day."

Even when pressed on the issue, Garrett reiterated on the long season yet to be played.

"We have many challenges ahead. We have 12 more football games to play. It's a lifetime, as you know," Garrett said. "We're going to focus on being as good as we can be each day and hopefully get ourselves ready to play the Patriots."

The Redskins, who also had a bye, lead the division at 3-1, with their only loss to the Cowboys, who are 2-2. The Giants are percentage points ahead of Dallas at 3-2, while the Eagles are surprisingly 1-4.

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