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Garrett Likes Bryant's Rehab Progress

While the combine is the place to start evaluating next year's top rookies, it doesn't mean there is no focus on last year's top pick.

Ironically enough, the Cowboys' brass of ownership, coaches and scouts are actually at the very site where Bryant's season came to an abrupt end. Bryant suffered a fractured fibula during a game against the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium – the annual site of the scouting combine.

More than two months after the injury, which placed Bryant on injured reserve for the final four games of the regular season, Bryant has progressed to some very light jogging. However, head coach Jason Garrett said the electrifying receiver is making big strides.

"He's going through his rehab and it's been a positive experience for him," Garrett said. "We have great people with the Cowboys who take him through that stuff. It's getting better."   

While Garrett expects Bryant to be at 100 percent before the start of next season, the coach doesn't know what to think of the pending labor talks that could jeopardy the season and certainly the offseason.

Garrett was asked if he was worried about Bryant and other rookies having so much free time on their hands.

" I don't like to use the word worry, but hopefully you have the kind of players who understand that we are going to play football next year and you have to get ready to do it," Bryant said. "The potential lockout would be an interesting situation for everybody. It could be a different offseason for us. But you just have to respond to the situation in front of you, and that's everybody's responsibility."  

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