Garrett: Player Safety Vital; No 'Bounties'

DALLAS --Asked Monday about the NFL's recent investigation of an alleged "bounty" program on the New Orleans Saints' defense, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said he expects the league to further emphasize player safety to all teams in light of the report.

Garrett also emphasized that no type of bounty system exists in the Cowboys organization.

"I think probably most teams around the league will talk to their teams about that, just because of what happened," he said. "It's never really been a issue for our team -- that's not something we have done.

"I think we all have a real focus on player safety and I think everyone understands that. The league has done a really good job of that. We try to do that within our team, so that has not been an issue for us. The league will probably come down with some recommendations as to what we're supposed to say to our team like they've done in similar situations in the past."

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