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Garrett Says He Doesn't Feel Owner Is "Undermining" Him

IRVING, Texas –There would appear to be a bit of a he-said, she-said going on at Valley Ranch regarding Felix Jones, but it may be that head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones are saying the same thing.

During Monday's press conference, some 24 hours after the fifth-year runner fumbled the opening kickoff of a loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Garrett responded to a question about Felix Jones in a typically noncommittal fashion.

"Somebody asked me if we were going to replace him or cut him from the team after the ballgame," Garrett said. "Every player is evaluated, really on a weekly basis, and what their role is. Certainly, what they have done in the recent past is certainly significant, and what they have done in terms of their body of work is significant as well. We'll continue to evaluate Felix like we do ever player on our football team and decide what that role is going forward."

Then on Tuesday, following the meetings that wrapped up the loss to Seattle, Jerry Jones was asked the same question on his weekly radio appearance on The Fan (105.3-FM) in Dallas, and pushed aside the suggestion that the running back should be replaced as kickoff returner, and stated that Felix Jones will remain in the role, as he did for the remainder of Sunday's game.

Facing the media again Wednesday morning, Garrett said he wasn't bothered by the owner's statement.

"One of the things that I think we do a really good job of in this organization is we discuss things," Garrett said. "The Joneses and I discuss a lot of things, our staff and I discuss a lot of things, we discuss a lot of things with our pro personnel and our college scouting department, so the lines of communication are open. There's no thing that's going to be my decision or his decision, or that guy's decision or this guy's decision. When we talk about players playing, Joe (DeCamillis) has a huge role in who's going to be our returner. Now, is he going to make the decision? No. I'm going to get involved in that discussion, other people are going to get involved in that discussion, that's just the way it works and we think that's a good thing.

"Different people have different perspectives and insights, and then we come to a conclusion that we all think is good. We've never had any issues that way regarding personnel, or really any kind of decision that we have to make as an organization."

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