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Getting To Know . . . Harland Gunn Getting Plenty Of Reps

Position: Guard

Height/Weight: 6-2, 314



NFL Exp: Rookie

How Acquired: FA – '12

Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

Fitting in:A player who might have seemed buried deep on the depth chart when camp began, Gunn will be receiving ample opportunities due to numerous injuries to the offensive line. Centers Bill Nagy and Kevin Kowalski are both nursing injuries, along with guard, Mackenzy Bernadeau. Gunn will have to impress in his increased reps in order to earn a permanent spot on the roster.

So Far:Gunn has impressed some with his ability to play a few reps at center after playing his entire college career at guard. He has not lacked aggression on the field.

Best Asset:Gunn is considered a powerful guard who always finishes his blocks. While he may face trouble recovering if a player is able to get around him, once he locks up with a rusher he typically finishes strong.

You Should Know:Gunn believes that the transition from college to the NFL takes a significant amount of mental preparation. "Football is a very mental sport," Gunn said. "A lot of the older guys are taking me in and giving me advice and helping me along the way. It's been a collective effort so that we can all be prepared."

A Mouthful: Gunn came into Wednesday excited to start the first day of practice with full pads. "My shoulders are banged up. I'm ready to go to work with some pads on."

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